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If you don't know what blueboxing is, you should start with the 'Links' button to the left. There you find valuable informations about blueboxing.

Back in 1991, me an a friend received a phone call from a sys-op (an owner of a bulletin board system). He told us that he called us via an American telephone exchange. He was using a bluebox software to generate signalling tones to control the signalling system. First he dialed a toll-free number from Germany to the United States of America. Then he sent tones of the bluebox, so he was connected back to Germany, our phone. Back then, there was no telephone flatrate, not even Internet was popular. I felt that this was amazing, an telecomunication paradise. Then almost 7 years of phreaking has started for me and for my friends. We learned how to cheat the signalling systems of the planet. We faught against filters and blockers that were installed by the phone companies during that time. There was always a way of finding a hole in the system. I told them: "Phreaking never dies!" Finally there was internet - flat. The motivation for blueboxing was gone - until now!

In 2009, I wrote an implementation of Signalling System No. 5 for the Linux-Call-Router. Once it was finished, I called an old friend of mine (using a bluebox). When he hered the story, he said: "Phreaking never dies!".

To phreak (again), you need two things, a bluebox of course (or a bluebox software), and you need a dial-up number to an exchanges that uses Signalling System No. 5. Because there is no more exchange like that (as far as I know), I set up my own. This exchange conforms to the Signalling System No.5, also known as the CCITT #5.

If you run Linux and need a bluebox software, you may download Beep-Beep here. This software has no options to trick filters and blockers, but this is not needed for my exchange. If you still have an Amiga, you should try Dial-O-Mat.

Blueboxing CCITT #5 was very popular all arround the world. Click on the 'CCITT #5' button to read how the signalling system works.

I set up an CCITT #5 exchange that also works with 2600 Hz clearing tone. Click on the 'Dialing' button to read how to access it.

If you like to have your own CCITT #5 exchange, click on the 'Exchange' button to read about Linux-Call-Router.

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